The Ullambana Festivals – Buddhist Calendar 2562

Namo Maha Maudgalyayana Bodhisattva


Our Phap Vuong temple will honor to celebrate the Ullambana Festivals this year in two days as following the general program:

  1. Opening the Ceremony at Noon, on Saturday, August 25, 2018 with Sutra Chanting, Dharma Lecture, Memorial of our Ancestors, Grand Parents, Parents, Relatives, and All Beings those who passed away, and Veggie Luncheon.
  2. Honoring the Main Ullambana Festivals at Noon, on Sunday, August 26, 2018 including: Offer The Three Treasures, Dharma Discourse, Honor our Loved Ones who passed away, Take Refuge to The Three Treasures, Veggie Luncheon, and Giving Foods, Fruits to Ghosts.

Notes:  * All people are pleased to welcome!  Further more information to this   Ceremony, please visit our website: